About Us

iFLOW HVAC INC., established in 2014, is the manufacturer of the hydronic air handler which achieved the highest performance rate of combined space and water heating systems. The iFLOW air handler works with Tank-less water heaters, Boilers, Heat pumps, and etc. Encouraged by the publication of the CSA/P.9.11 standard, the founders, with expertise in HVAC and condensing water heater technology, came together to design and engineer an innovative air handler. Their objective was also to address the drawbacks of the inadequate combo systems being sold in the market, generating frequent complaints of homeowners and installers. The founders’ collaborative approach culminated in developing the iFLOW air handler, which performs well with any kind of water heat source. The name of the company, iFLOW, is derived from air/water flow and embodies the concept of combo systems as well as the partnership of the scope of work of the two founders, namely, HVAC and hydronic.