The Uncomfortable Square Footage Cost Challenge

You have paid for every square foot of your home and thus you should be able to use each square foot comfortably. Unfortunately however, for the majority of homes in North America, there are rooms (or even floors) that are too hot in summer and too cold in winter. How much did that uncomfortable room cost? Let’s work through just one example:

Cost per square foot calculation

  1. Let’s assume the House Cost is $400,000
  2. Let’s assume the House Square Footage is 2,000
  3. Thus, the House Cost per square foot is: $400,000/2,000 = $200 per square foot

Problem area: bedroom over the garage is too hot in summer & too cold in winter

  1. Size of bedroom over garage:
    10’ x 15’ = 150 sq. ft.

Amount Paid for Problem Area:

  1. Amount paid for that uncomfortable room: $200 per sq. ft. x 150 sq. ft.
    = $30,000.

From this example above, $30,000 is the cost paid for just one small bedroom that is uncomfortable in 2 of 4 seasons.

Did you receive a discount for that uncomfortable room?

No, not likely…
If you select an iFLOW Zoning System, that room, along with every other room in your home, could be completely comfortable, 24/7/365.

With the above perspective, and considering both the energy savings payback and the advantage of being comfortable throughout your home, would it not be a great investment to upgrade to an iFLOW system?
You deserve better… Enjoy ultimate thermal comfort and energy savings today!


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