Energy Savings

The standard HVAC mechanical system typically includes a single stage furnace, a single stage air conditioner and a tank-type water heater.

iFLOW offers integrated zoning as a high performing, cost effective solution

This may be the most economical solution for a builder in terms of keeping the upfront costs minimized, but unfortunately, this downloads costs to the homeowner in way of higher monthly energy bills for decades to come

Your HVAC designers and installing contractors can mix and match the iFLOW with various heating and cooling sources to create the most efficient solutions, customized to each of your home types, styles and designs. Whether tank, tankless, boiler, combi-boiler or heat pump, iFLOW maximizes the efficiency of the mechanical systems to deliver significant, monthly cost savings.
Wifi Zoning Models

When the upgrade cost of an iFLOW Combination-System over a standard HVAC mechanical system, is amortized over a 15 year period, the upgrade can be cash flow positive for the homeowners from day 1 (based on multiple, independent, 3rd party studies).

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