Wifi Zoning Models

At iFLOW, we build HVAC solutions that make the most comfortable homes for your customers.

HVAC equipment may not be the easiest for your sales teams to discuss, but is critically important as it will provide thermal home comfort 24/7/365, 

and will determine the monthly energy costs for years come.

Ultimate Comfort

Significant temperature stratification in single zone homes iFLOW's integrated, multi-zone control ensures comfort in each zone of your home

The standard HVAC design is a single zone system with a single thermostat in the hallway of the main floor.
One thermostat in the main hallway cannot sense the temperatures upstairs nor downstairs; it can only sense the temperature directly around it.

Heat naturally rises, and thus temperature stratification (when it’s too hot upstairs and too cold downstairs) is unfortunately the norm, and has been for decades. Many think that is just the way it is; with iFLOW, it doesn’t have to be.

iFLOW offers integrated zoning as a high performing, cost effective solution. The iFLOW Zoning system incorporates temperature sensing and damper control, with Wi-Fi and a smartphone app to deliver heating and cooling only to the areas of the home that need it.

When paired with variable speed equipment, iFLOW delivers in just the amounts needed as well.  This is ultimate comfort for your homebuyers: temperatures where they want them, when they want them, in the amounts they need them, in every season.

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Energy Savings

The standard HVAC mechanical system typically includes a single stage furnace, a single stage air conditioner and a tank-type water heater. This may be the most economical solution for a builder in terms of keeping the upfront costs minimized, but unfortunately, this downloads costs to the homeowner in way of higher monthly energy bills for decades to come.

Space Savings

For builders where space constraints are of paramount concern, an iFLOW solution can fit into a 3’x3’ mechanical closet: that is heating, cooling and DHW all in that smallest of footprints. If you are needing a high-performance but compact system, look no further than iFLOW.

We at iFLOW realize the builder market is very competitive and that any increased cost must be valued by prospective homeowners. 

A recent survey from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) concluded the following: “NAHB research shows that most home buyers want an energy-efficient home and are willing to pay more for it. Home buyers highly ranked features that improve a home’s efficiency, including multi-zone heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), and a programmable thermostat.”

With an iFLOW Hydronic Furnace, we deliver exactly what the NAHB survey respondents are requesting: the efficiency, the multi-zone HVAC and the Wi-Fi, programmable thermostat, all in one, small and compact appliance, that can be cash flow positive from day 1!

Let’s talk about the comfort and savings of iFLOW to potential homeowners.

We thank you for your time and hope you will consider iFLOW for your next project. For further information on iFLOW solutions and our Builder Program, please contact us below or see our ‘contact us’ page for a local representative near you.
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