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The iFLOW Hybrid System

The iFLOW Hybrid System

Upgrade to an iFLOW Inverter Heat Pump System

and more than double your heating system’s seasonal efficiency!

As of October 1, 2023

iFLOW Heat Pump Line-Up Summary

All iFLOW Heat Pumps

Are designed for Cold Climates with the capability to provide whole home heating throughout the winter.


Heating output down to -4°F (-20°C) with COP up to 2.0

-22°F (-30°C)

Continuous operation down to as low as -22°F (-30°C)

Note: most regular air source heat pumps are able to deliver heat but only down to 5°F (-15°C), and even then, the actual BTUH delivery capacity and COPs are much less than its rated capacity.

iFLOW Heat Pumps’ Self-Adaptive Mode

(Full Modulation)

  • iFLOW Inverter Heat Pumps have the ability to analyze internal temperature and pressure changes, and adjust system operation accordingly;
  • When a home needs more heating or cooling, the iFLOW outdoor condenser unit ramps up; when the home needs less, it ramps down
  • This is very different from single stage or two stage units that run only at 1 or 2 speeds respectively;
  • This full modulation results in super steady and stable temperature delivery, the ultimate in home comfort;
  • iFLOW Inverter Heat Pumps can be paired with any iFLOW Hydronic Furnace or any other manufacturer’s equipment (as long as that equipment can use 3rd party 24V thermostats), and the system can function as effectively as a communicating inverter combination.

Quieter Operation

Better Acoustic Comfort with iFLOW Side-Discharge Inverter Heat Pumps

Quieter than traditional top-discharge heat pumps

iFLOW Easy Wiring

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