Huge Opportunity for Heating Innovation Upgrades

Space Upgrade Opportunities

47% Natural Gas

of homes in U.S. are heated with
traditional natural gas.

40% Electricity

are using “expensive” electric resistance heaters or first-generation heat pumps, which underperform when temperatures dipped below freezing.

washington post
Nearly 40% of U.S.
residential AC systems are
Nearly 50% of U.S.
multi-family AC systems are

10 years old+

Air conditioning in U.S. homes, by housing unit type, 2020

Rapid Growth of Ducted Inverter Products


compound annual growth rate


AHRI Report 2022

BSRIA Report 101437/1B USA Splits and VRF air conditioning

Space for Old Heating equipment Upgrade

Air conditioning in U.S. homes, by housing unit type

Operating Cost & GHG/Carbon Footprint Reduction

Lowering heating costs while reducing carbon footprint are priorities for property owners and builders.


SEER2 up to


EER2 up to


HSPF2 up to


Lower Running Cost

More energy savings

With an efficiency of up to 300% an iFLOW heat pump and/or hybrid system will be more energy efficient than even the best gas furnaces, bar none.

More energy savings

Heat pumps costs

Less than $600

to operate for the entire winter while electric heater costs over $1600

Reduction in GHG/Carbon Emissions

Cut household heating carbon emissions by more than ½

Adding an iFLOW heat pump and/or hybrid system (with an iFLOW Hydronic Furnace or the iFLOW Smart Hybrid Heating Switching Controller) will cut carbon based heating by more than 50% for less CO2 emissions, less smog, less global warming and a greener planet.

Dual Energy Options

Energy Source Choice

An iFLOW Hybrid Heating system offers homeowners the ability to choose their energy source. If electricity bills are too high, switch off heat pump to gas (furnace or hydronic furnace), and vice versa. Reduce energy bills by selecting the most economical option given time of use: avoid peak rate charges and capitalize on off-peak rates.

Capital Cost Reduction

Claim incentives like tax credits, rebates and/or grants (vary by location) to lower the initial capital cost of converting to greener heating options.

Lower Purchasing Cost

ENERGY STAR® Cold Climate certified & NEEP certified

Grant : C$5,000

Natural Resource Canada (NRCan) initiates The Greener Home Grant Program to help Canadians make where they live more energy efficient.

Eligible for the reimbursement of up to C$5,000 for retrofit

For cold climate, air source heat pump system installation

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