Space Heating Performance

iFLOW combination systems have been shown by third party independent testing to outperform even the most efficient AFUE furnaces in the market.

The efficiency gains result from a combination of reasons but to summarize, they come from being able to pair the iFLOW with better performing heat sources. The iFLOW can be paired with condensing tankless water heaters, boilers, combi-boilers and heat pumps, and are especially effective when those heat sources can modulate to every low btu/h inputs.

Furnaces need to be sized to meet your heating requirement on the worst of winter days but fortunately, those ‘design days’ do not occur very often. Most of the time, your home needs much, much less than the designed maximum. Unfortunately, single stage furnaces can only run at one speed: maximum. Two-stage furnaces can only run at 2 speeds: maximum and typically 70% of maximum. As such, most furnaces will have to cycle off and on regularly, reducing their efficiency; the more cycling, the worse the overall efficiency.

With an iFLOW combination system, HVAC designers can match the most efficient heat source that matches not only the home’s maximum heat load, but also the minimum heat load, to reduce cycling and improve overall efficiency significantly.

When well paired, an iFLOW combination system can outperform even the best AFUE furnaces in the market.


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