Ultimate Comfort with Full Modulation

More modulation means
better comfort & much more savings

Your car is a great example of full variable speed modulation. The ability of your car to ramp the engine up and down to precisely match your push of the accelerator, delivering the exact speed you need, is an example of ‘full variable speed modulation’.
Unfortunately however, the majority of heating and cooling equipment in North America cannot operate at variable speeds. Single-stage furnaces operate only at maximum speed. Two-stage furnaces run at typically 70% and 100%. Even the best modulating furnaces cannot operate below 35%~40%.
Here’s the key point: 90% of the time, the average home needs less that 40% of the capacity of the most common selling furnaces in North America. Operating at maximum, when you only need minimum, leads to inefficiency, increased costs and temperature discomfort.
An iFLOW Hydronic Furnace runs at 100 different speeds: from 1% to 100%, the iFLOW adjusts in 1% increments to deliver only the amount of conditioned air flow you need resulting in much less on/off/on/off cycling for longer run times, smoother temperature delivery, much better comfort and significantly improved efficiency. Just as a smooth car ride, you want smooth and comfortable temperatures in your home too. Ask about an iFLOW solution!
For more on modulation and efficiency, please watch the video.
Wifi Zoning Models

Ultimate Comfort with Zoning

Significant temperature stratification in single zone homes iFLOW's integrated, multi-zone control ensures comfort in each zone of your home
Have you experienced significantly different temperatures from floor-to-floor or room-to-room?Too hot upstairs? Too cold in the basement? Stratification in single zone homes is real and has persisted for decades. iFLOW solves this issue by incorporating zoning control into many of its models. Zoning divides your home into similar comfort sections. A home can be divided floor-by-floor, by direction (north/south/east /west facing) or by function (bedrooms, kitchen/living room/great room, etc.). The iFLOW Hydronic Furnace will detect the temperature in each zone and then deliver only the correct amount of heating/cooling required to bring the zone to your desired set point. That’s complete thermal comfort control throughout your home.
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