iFLOW combination systems can deliver better efficiency than even the best AFUE furnaces in the market.

Independent 3rd party tested!

iFLOW offers integrated zoning as a high performing, cost effective solution

Ultimate Efficiency:

Highest efficiencies = lowest energy bills! And a much greener planet. iFLOW combination systems can outperform even the highest AFUE, Energy-Star rated furnaces because of the exceptional software and hardware engineering. iFLOW is unrivaled in terms of efficiency optimization, most often delivering 95%~98%* and even greater when paired with heat pumps.

*when paired with high efficiency mod/con tankless water heaters (UEF≥0.95; TDR≥10:1 with outdoor reset capability), combi-boilers & boilers (AFUE≥0.95; TDR≥10:1 with outdoor reset capability)

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