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With unique perspectives rooted in different backgrounds and experiences, our team came together in 2014 to create innovative HVAC product solutions. With diversity at its core, iFLOW was concepted and brought to life. From our corporate head office in Toronto, we distribute our product solutions across the USA and Canada.

iFLOW HVAC Inc. manufactures hydronic furnaces. A hydronic furnace is a component of an HVAC system that transfers and distributes heated or cooled air throughout the ductwork of your home. iFLOW hydronic furnaces are used in combination with the best water heaters (tank or tankless), boilers (combi or heat-only), air conditioners and heat pumps in the industry to make heating and cooling performance smarter, quieter, the most comfortable and much more efficient than traditional HVAC options. The flexibility to pair your iFLOW with the most appropriate heating or cooling source equipment enables HVAC pros to create customized solutions to meet the exact needs and specifications of your home.

Our smart technology HVAC solutions are designed, engineered and manufactured in North America to auto-adapt specifically to meet your indoor comfort needs, regardless of where you live. From Los Angeles to Vancouver, from Fairbanks to Burlington, and from Montreal to Miami, the outdoor climate changes but the needs and expectations for great indoor home comfort do not. Rely on iFLOW HVAC solutions for optimal efficiency and ultimate comfort!

We invite you to browse our website for more information on how an investment in an iFLOW combination solution can improve your indoor comfort qualify of life while at the same time, reduce your monthly energy bills. Get the best of both with iFLOW.

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