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It takes unique perspectives rooted in different backgrounds and experiences to create innovative solutions.  With diversity at its core, iFLOW was concepted and brought to life.  The iFLOW Intelligent Air Handlers offer so many unique but fundamental HVAC technology breakthroughs, they significantly raise the performance bar for HVAC equipment in North America.

Answering the needs of the HVAC industry’s most pressing challenges, the iFLOW Intelligent Air Handlers represent a technology disruption making HVAC performance smarter, quieter, most comfortable and most efficient, and installations quicker, easier, simpler, smaller and tighter.

iFLOW has created its own proprietary control software making its Intelligent Air Handlers the most intuitive, adaptive and truly smartest air handlers ever developed for the HVAC industry.
The iFLOW App allows for the easiest and most integrated control of your heating and air conditioning systems. iFLOW enables homeowners like you to tailor your home comfort precisely, delivering heating and cooling when you need it, where you need it and in the exact amount you need it. With built-in WiFi capability, the iFLOW App turns any thermostat into a smart thermostat so that you can easily set up home, away and nighttime setback schedules (including different schedule options for Saturdays and Sundays) and monitor and adjust your system online from anywhere. Alternatively, you can have iFLOW auto-adjust your system with amazing precision and energy-savings in mind. Even when you’re not home, iFLOW has you covered: with its innovative auto-backup settings, the iFLOW Intelligent Air Handlers will identify any abnormality and auto-rectify to ensure system safety, reliability and dependability. Should issues escalate, warning alerts will be sent directly to your phone. Experience iFLOW, the next generation of HVAC comfort!
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  • Boiler Demand Control
  • Informative Display: Error Code, Temp., Humidity, Fan & Pump Speed
  • Configure All Parameters at Your Fingertips
  • LED Indicator / All Input & Output Signals
  • Outdoor Reset Function / Outdoor Sensor
  • Full Modulation, Single or Two-Stage Setting for Heat & Cool
  • Humidity Control / Humidity Sensor
  • ΔT Auto-Adjustment for Air and Water
  • Fan Delay & Heat Purge Control
  • DHW Priority & Dual Mode (Heating and DHW)
  • High Limit Safety Control: Air Temperature Sensor
  • Home Freeze Protection: Low Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • Evaporator Freeze Protection: Compressor Protection
  • Pump Modulation Control (1 TO 10 VDC, PWM Control)
  • Low Flow Pump Exercise Function (Sanitation / Seize Protection)
  • Low Ambient Freeze Protection
  • Multi-System Central Control for Building HVAC Systems
  • Remotely Adjust and Monitor Operation Through Web Integrated Plug-In Control
  • All-In-One Package Standard for Easy Installation: AHU and Tankless Water Heater
  •  Highest CAN/CAS P.9-11 Performance Ratings : TPF 0.98
  • Ultra Efficient Heat-Exchanger Design
  •  Flexible Installation : Horizontal  & Vertical Options
  •  Standard Filter Rack & Filter
  • Sliding Blower Assembly for Easy Maintenance
  • Three Models Available with Varying Capacity : S, M, L
  • Hi-Static-Pressure Models : S, M
  • Zoned Models / Max 4 Zone Control
  • Powder Coated Steel Cabinet
  • Easy Installation Kit: Plumbing Kit
  • ECM Fan Motor / Constant CFM
  • Freeze Protection / Evaporator Temperature Sensor

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